How to remove old wall plugs? | Anthony’s Guide to Home DIY

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How to remove old wall plugs? | Anthony’s Guide to Home DIY

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What should you do with the old wall plugs aftering unscrewing a shelf board?
Simply replace the wall plugs! Today let’s look at how we can remove old wall plugs.
You’ll need some simple tools. A steel drill bit, and an electric drill.
First, make sure the drill bit is properly installed.
After mounting the drill bit, turn the torque adjustment ring to ‘forward rotation mode’.
The second step is very simple. Drill into the old wall plug to remove it.
Remember, after the wall plug is completely removed, stop drilling. Or else your drill bit will get worn down.
Finally, insert a new wall plug into the wall.
Replacing wall plugs is just that simple. Now you can mount the shelf board to the wall! Bye!


How to remove old wall plugs? | Anthony's Guide to Home DIY

Author: Anthony Lau

From the humble beginnings of a self-taught DIY lover to the Youtube DIY heartthrob, DIY Anthony has never stopped cultivating his art of do-it-yourself. Be it a scratched drywall or a leaky bathtub, he’s got it all under control with ten nimble fingers and a can-do attitude.

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