6 solutions to clean the mattress to keep away the lice and mites. Using baking powder for decontamination and bleaching purposes.


In Hong Kong, summertime is often hot and humid. Household items are prone to damp and become a breeding ground for bacteria. In particular, beds are prone to breed dust mites, bed bugs and other insects which can cause skin allergies, itching and even asthma on us. Therefore, it is important to clean the bedding furniture thoroughly. Check out the tips from HKdecoman.

1.Keep the humidity to a certain level at home

Dust mites and most mosquitoes love humid environments. When the indoor humidity is high and the mattresses and sheets are covered with human sweat and oil, dust mites and bacteria will breed continuously. The fatal weakness of dust mites is that they cannot survive when the humidity is low. They will then slowly wither and die. As long as you use a dehumidifier and moisture-absorbing materials to keep the indoor humidity below 55%, the survival rate of dust mites will be reduced.

2. Change the bedding every two weeks

Bed sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases are the bedding products that have frequent contact will our skin the most. Sweat or saliva may wet these products. These organic matters excreted by the human body becomes a breeding place for bacteria in the hot summer. Therefore, it is recommended that you change the bedding diligently in summer.

3.Wash the bedding at high temperature

Washing the bedding at high temperature can effectively kill dust mites and prevent the breeding of eggs. It is best to wash with hot water at 60 degrees Celsius. You should check whether your bedding can be washed at high temperature first. The more natural and direct method of disinfecting the mattress is to put it under the sunlight.

After killing the dust mites, the corpses and excreta of them must also be removed, because their corpses, excrement, and eggs are the allergens. In addition to frequent changing and washing, a vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the dust mites.

4.Put a protective cover on the mattress

The weather in Hong Kong is humid. Putting a waterproof protective cover on the mattress is an effective and easy solution. This is the most effective way to keep it clean. There are some protective covers on the market to prevent lice and mites. Even if the lice mites invaded the mattress, they can be locked inside the mattress, and then you can cover another layer of bed sheet on the surface.

As this is a physical method of killing lice, it is recommended to remove the protective cover after one year, because bed bugs can survive for up to one year without sucking blood. After eliminating lice, you can clean it regularly as needed.

5. Local cleaning

There are some annoying stains on the mattress, and you don’t know how to deal with it? You can use baking powder, vinegar and toothpaste to clean the stains. But be careful not to wet the mattress too much, otherwise, it will be difficult to dry completely.

6. Use soda powder

Soda powder has cleansing and bleaching effects, and it is effective in killing bacteria. When the summer is humid, you can add a small amount of vinegar and baking powder in the final rinsing process when using the washing machine to wash the bedding. This can prevent mould from growing when they are not completely dry out, and it can also make clothing white.


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