5 Funky Additions That Your Home Needs To Look Fun

If you want to design a fun, visually dynamic interior design that would feel cozy, homey, and interesting, then here are 5 funky ideas that can make your spaces look fun: 1. Gorgeous fabrics Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Carpenters Beautifully patterned fabric are an excellent way to emulate a fun vibe in your interior designs. The … Read more

Hong Kong local interior design example: Western style to create harmonious atmosphere

The owners of this apartment are newlyweds. For the home design, they want to have a stylish style and enlarge the living space. They hired Fung Style for the renovation that costed around HKD 380000. The wife spends most of the time in the kitchen. She likes the western design, thus the designer used black, … Read more

Lighting Selection Guide

Lighting is a must-have element for every home, but most people despise the influence of lighting on the overall design and atmosphere at home. To understand the effect of light to people, we must first understand what color temperature is. Different types of light have different colors due to different wavelengths. The color of a … Read more

Tips to Style Your Bed Like a Designer

(Guest Writer: Commune Lifestyle) From ultra-sleek minimalist style to warm modern rustic decor schemes, here are some basic and foolproof tips and tricks to style your bed like a designer. 1. Invest In The Foundation – Bed Frames Photo Source: SoJao The above image from SoJao features Commune’s Bowie Bedframe, made of premium American walnut wood and inspired by mid-century modern … Read more

5 Simple Ways to Keep your Kitchen Counter Clutter Free

A cluttered kitchen countertop will drastically affect your productivity and effectiveness while you are rushing to prepare and cook meals for the family. If you need help to tame your messy kitchen workstation, fret not! Here are 5 simple ways to end your struggle with untidy, chaotic kitchen countertop! #1. Build a kitchen appliance garage … Read more

5 Statement Worthy Design Elements Your Home Needs

Did you know that even a single statement worthy design element can help make your home feel infinitely more beautiful? This is the importance of visual charisma, and if you’re searching for some awesome ways to increase the presence and personality of your ambiance, here are 5 elements your home absolutely needs: 1. Show-stopping ceiling … Read more

The elegant design for the retired elderly

In order to let the retired parents to enjoy their life comfortably, the owner bought this apartment and requested the designer to design a cozy space for the retired parents to live in. The designer made use of the hidden storage design method to create an open and bright vision to meet the simple style. … Read more

Fashionable modern and classic style Custom-made furniture enhances the ambience of the house

The owners of this apartment are fashion bloggers. In the beginning of the home design, she specifically requested to have a space for photo taking at home. Later, the couple found some photos on internet to express that they liked the design of crown molding and glass house. Then the designer knew that they actually … Read more

Kitchen Design Suggestions That You Can Use in Your Renovation

(Guest Writer: Nikki Kingsley) As one of the most common home improvement projects, a kitchen redesign can be an overwhelming project and a project that puts a huge dent in the home improvement budget. Therefore, it is essential homeowners consider every option before embarking on a project that determines how much a home value will rise. Kitchen … Read more

10 Practical TV Feature Wall Designs in Singapore that Look Really Good Too

Being practical in your home design is a must, especially when you lack the space. But functionality without form is blah and boring. And that’s especially the case for TV feature walls, which, as their name suggests, ought to be well, a feature. If you are looking to make a statement in your own home, … Read more