When Should You Replace Your Mattress? 8 Signs To Look Out For

(Guest Writer: Dimple Malhotra)  Mattresses are often a significant investment, so people try to use them for as long as they can. But that is not healthy. Another thing that people believe is that you should replace your mattress after 10 years, which is again a myth. The idle time period is said to be seven years. That being said, … Read more

13 Different Ways to Combine Your Dressing Table and Wardrobe

A dedicated dressing table makes it easier to complete your morning and nightly rituals, and having it next to the wardrobe makes for greater convenience as you put on the finishing touches to your skincare and makeup. But combining your dressing table and wardrobe in a custom built also serves a design purpose: it will … Read more

5 Most Important Contemporary Elements For Your Interior Design

Incorporating new finishes, minimalism and light bring a contemporary charm to your space. In today’s lifestyle, contemporary has touched almost all aspects of our lives, especially the interior design industry. So if you are planning to give your home a contemporary makeover, you must look into the following important elements. From replacing dark spaces to … Read more

American town style: Cosy Cottage

We can always see the actors and actresses live in the American town in American dramas. Their big house is big, gorgeous and warm. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a 2-storey house to make it American style. With the following 6 elements, you can have a American town style home in Hong Kong. … Read more

[Maintenance tips] Steps and precautions for waxing wooden floors (update in 2020)

There are many types of wood flooring, including solid wood flooring, engineered timber flooring and seamless wood flooring. In order to avoid repair, waxing is the best maintenance method to block the air, moisture and dust. It has the functions of anti-skid, anti-wear and anti-static to prolong the life of the wood floor. In this … Read more

Chromesthesia Décor – Living Room Colour Palettes Inspired By 10 Music Genres

(Article Source: Chromesthesia Décor: Living room colour palettes inspired by 10 music genres) Imagine a world where colour and music go hand in hand — where each note has a corresponding visual shade and shape and each beat creates a vibrating hue. What would your favourite song look like? What colours would you see at a rock concert? … Read more

Are You Making Any of These 7 Layout Mistakes as a First-Time Homeowner?

In your excitement in turning your first home into your dream chateau as a first-time homeowner, there are some things you might sacrifice or overlook when planning out your home’s layout, thinking it wouldn’t really be a problem. But once you’ve started living in your home for some time, these things might come to be … Read more

5 Ways To Redesign Or Transform Walls In Your Home

Do you want to renovate the walls of your HDB flat in Singapore, but has no idea about the latest trends? If yes, then we are here to help you. We have curated five latest wall design ideas that you can use to renovate your walls in your home. Have a look! 1. Blue Printed … Read more

New Chinese style: Mix and match the classic and modern Chinese styles

You may be familiar with the classic Chinese style as we can always see the grand antique house in TV drama. Classical Chinese interior design combines both the solemnity and elegance. But what is the newly emerging “new Chinese style”? How can the 5,000-year-old cultural temperament of Chinese people be integrated into the home, to … Read more

[Important note for Epidemic Prevention] How to use bleach properly: 8 trivia you need to know.

Bleach is a must-have disinfectant at home. The main ingredient of bleach is sodium hypochlorite, which can degrade the protein of microorganisms, thereby killing bacteria, fungi and viruses. Bleach was sold out during the outbreak of Coronavirus. However, if you don’t use it properly, blech can be ineffective. Here is the 8 trivia you need … Read more