When Should You Replace Your Mattress? 8 Signs To Look Out For

(Guest Writer: Dimple Malhotra)  Mattresses are often a significant investment, so people try to use them for as long as they can. But that is not healthy. Another thing that people believe is that you should replace your mattress after 10 years, which is again a myth. The idle time period is said to be seven years. That being said, … Read more

[Important note for Epidemic Prevention] How to use bleach properly: 8 trivia you need to know.

Bleach is a must-have disinfectant at home. The main ingredient of bleach is sodium hypochlorite, which can degrade the protein of microorganisms, thereby killing bacteria, fungi and viruses. Bleach was sold out during the outbreak of Coronavirus. However, if you don’t use it properly, blech can be ineffective. Here is the 8 trivia you need … Read more

Tips to choose materials: How to choose the light bulbs?

It is such a natural move to turn on the light at home. But how much do you know about the light bulb? The packaging box of the lighting product will indicate different information such as color temperature (in K), rated light quantity (lm), and power consumption (W). Different countries have different standards, so you … Read more

How Are Quartz Formed?

You’re probably curious about how the quartz is produced when you’re gazing at quartz countertops. You may have heard of granite quarries and marble quarries on the peaks of the mountains, but you never thought of quartz quarries. You may also have seen small rocks at rock and mineral displays or in shops called “Quartz” … Read more

Clean the trap to prevent Coronavirus. U-Trap, P-Trap and Bottle Trap cleaning instruction

What is a trap? Each apartment has multiple dewatering levels. They are usually the dungs connected to the building. If there is no trap between the two, the odor and bacteria of dung channels can be transmitted to your home through the drain. Trap maintenance is also very important. In Hong Kong, there was a … Read more

What You Need to Know about Kitchen Lighting

When it comes to planning your kitchen lighting, most of us tend to leave it to the professionals. But it pays to learn the basics, since it allows you to better communicate your requirements to your interior designer. Lighting is a key aspect of an efficient kitchen and it also plays a big part in … Read more

Lighting Selection Guide

Lighting is a must-have element for every home, but most people despise the influence of lighting on the overall design and atmosphere at home. To understand the effect of light to people, we must first understand what color temperature is. Different types of light have different colors due to different wavelengths. The color of a … Read more

Shower Screen Vs Shower Curtain: Which to go for in the Bathroom?

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, one of the questions we inevitably run into is whether we should go with a shower screen or a shower curtain. Designs: The Merry Men Interiors (left) and Chapter 3 Interior Design (right) With shower screens, glass is the most common (get good quality tempered glass for extra safety), with a variety … Read more

Quartz Vs Granite Countertops: A Scientific Face Off

(Guest Writer: Michael Anderson) As a common man, you must have done much research while choosing worktops for your kitchen. However, knowing the scientific facts behind different materials and doing a detailed study will help you come to a better decision while choosing the material for your worktops. Also, it helps you in making the right … Read more

4 must-read articles to know everything about light bulb. Tips to choose the most energy saving light bulb.

For years, people have chosen light bulbs by the watt.  However, this has become the past. Professional data is written on the light bulb packaging box, which is as profound as the information on the food packaging. Actually, is there any difference between an energy saving light bulbs and LED light bulbs? Is the traditional … Read more