What Does An Interior Designer Do?

What do interior designers do when it comes to your renovation? What are their roles in making a successful home renovation or revamp? We have looked around and spoken to a few interior designers here and there, thus discovering 5 things interior designers can do for you and your renovation. Image © ExQsite Interior Design Come … Read more

Renovation Mythbuster: Paint Purchase Misconception

Misconception #1 Price over quality When buying paint for walls, a lot of people place their focus on the price instead of the quality. Some believe the more expensive a paint is, the better its quality. Therefore, they tend to buy the priciest paint out there. In contrast, some believe ‘the cheaper, the better’. This … Read more

Misconceptions: Renovation Materials (Part 2)

Last time we’ve talked about the misconceptions about the quality of different tiles, plywood and furniture. Today let’s look into the common myths about electrical wires, cabinets and seamless flooring.   Misconception #4 ‘Electrical wires made in England must be safer to use than those made in mainland China. A 100HKD electrical switch must be … Read more

Misconceptions: Renovation Materials (Part 1)

Do pricier materials perform better? Not necessarily! Just because that sink is made with some technology whose name you can’t pronounce doesn’t mean it has unimaginable superpowers. Here are some common misconceptions about renovation materials that often lead home owners to make misinformed judgement. Always take renovation information with a grain of salt.   Misconception … Read more

Renovation Mythbuster: Are Physical Stores More Reliable Than Online Stores?

When finding a contractor to entrust their homes with, more traditional-minded consumers, especially those who do not shop online often, tend not to trust online businesses. And let’s not forget the Luddites, to whom the internet is the stage of all evils in the world. Some home owners feel that in case a project goes … Read more

Renovation Mythbuster: Can You Trust Result Photos on Contractor Websites?

Let’s get it straight, NEVER trust photos you find on the internet. Since the birth of Photoshop, what you see is seldom what you get. Say, you go on a contractor’s website and look at the photos of the results of their renovation projects. Have you noticed how spacious all the rooms are, and how … Read more

Renovation Mythbuster: Should I Hire Contractors on the Recommendation by Friends and Renovation Websites?

Entrusting your home and years of savings to a contractor is an unnerving business. Some of you may go out of your way to ascertain whether the company has a clean track record, maybe asking a friend about his/ her experiences with this company, how the result looks, whether the company charges a lot of … Read more