How to Drive Screws into Veneered Boards? | Anthony’s Guide to Home DIY

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How to Drive Screws into Veneered Boards? | Anthony’s Guide to Home DIY

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In this episode of Anthony’s DIY workshop, let’s look at how to drive screws perfectly.
If you are driving a screw into wooden materials, the best scenario of course is when the material does not crack or break at all.
In reality, that is often not the case, especially when it comes to veneered boards. The veneer layer usually breaks.
If you take a closer look, or touch it, you will see the cracks.
This is when you need a countersink drill bit.
First, drill a v-shaped hole in the veneered board. That way the veneer will not crack when you drive a screw into the board. After drilling a v-shaped hole, you can put a screw directly in it.
Here’s some extra tips. When using the countersink drill bit, check whether the hole’s size corresponds to the head of the screw. If so, it’s good to go!
Driving a screw perfectly is just that simple, see you in the next episode!

How to Drive Screws into Veneered Boards? | Anthony's Guide to Home DIY

Author: Anthony Lau

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