[Interior decoration design] How to use colours on walls in small spaces to make home lively and beautiful?


Not using dark wall in small spaces seems to be an unspoken rule in everyone’s mind, and people tend not to have too many colours at home to avoid the sense of oppression. The two cannot be used together of course, otherwise it will make the home feel smaller. But in fact, if you match a clever colour scheme, you can use your favourite colours at home! HKdecoman will show you different interior design tips in this article.

Dark wall

Having dark wall in small apartment seems to be out of the norm. However, as long as the dark and light colours are matched in a ratio of 3:1, that one of the four walls is light-coloured, such as placing a warm wood-coloured bookcase, it can reduce the sense of oppression. You can even consider the ceiling as the fifth wall and use white ceiling as a balance to get rid of the bleak perception.

Wall pattern

Patterns can attract visual focus more than pure colours. It can also increase the vitality of the space and help cover up some flaws on wall. When using pattern wallpaper, remember use only one pattern in a space. Try not to use multiple patterns in the same space. It is best to use the same pattern for accessories such as cushions and curtains to avoid the feeling of chaos and pressure.

Ceiling colour

Apart from the four main walls at home, people usually neglect the ceiling wall. Most people will leave it white, but if you add a little touch on it, it can make a difference. 

If the other four walls are in dark colour, you don’t need to keep the ceiling pure white. As shown in the above image, the ceiling is surrounded in white, but the middle area is painted in pink with high-gloss varnish. This design will definitely impress your friends.

Use high gloss paint to enhance the sense of space

The clever use of the wall can make it a design purpose other than just colouring. Smooth walls can make small spaces more interesting. The reflective glossy surface makes it feel more spacious and makes the home bigger. If you don’t want to use this kind of texture throughout your home, you can use this material before entering certain space, which will become a way to divide the space.

Extend the artwork to the door

Consider drawing on wall with creation. Think about simple but large pattern such as large flowers. The drawing can even span to door frames and doors. This can give the wall an extension effect and increase the sense of space.

Small decoration on the wall

If the space is small, in addition to the use of colour and pattern, you can also do some decoration on the wall, such as painting the wall panels with special colours. The bottom of the wall is often overlooked. In fact, it does not need to be kept white. If the upper half of the wall is pasted with pattern wallpaper, the wall panels can be painted with a dark colour similar to the pattern of the wallpaper. The dark colour will not produce a sense of pressure below the waistline, and it can match the upper part of the wall while bringing a unique feature to the home.

Make the vision focus on the floor

If the wall is not large, especially when it is covered by cabinets, you can switch the focus on the floor and make it a feature. Directional tiles or floors can bring a sense of space to small spaces.

If you don’t want to use tiles in relatively large areas such as the living room and bedroom, you can keep them in bathroom and kitchen. Many foreigners also use special floor tiles in these two areas while keeping the wall light. This will give you a lively effect and a refreshing feeling.

The door can also be an art wall

If you don’t have a large wall for mural painting, you can do it on the door. Draw the geometric patterns on the wooden door, make it a small accessory that matches the wall.


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