Chromesthesia Décor – Living Room Colour Palettes Inspired By 10 Music Genres

(Article Source: Chromesthesia Décor: Living room colour palettes inspired by 10 music genres) Imagine a world where colour and music go hand in hand — where each note has a corresponding visual shade and shape and each beat creates a vibrating hue. What would your favourite song look like? What colours would you see at a rock concert? … Read more

Smart Lighting Systems: What’s good about them?

Intelligent lighting systems utilise technology like motion detection and intelligent monitoring to control the interior’s lighting. It simply removes the hassle of having to switch the lights on and off. Moreover, it increases energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption in the long run. There are many advantages to using a smart lighting system, so let’s find … Read more

Skirting Board Colours: What Should You Consider?

Do not underestimate the aesthetic effect skirting boards can bring to the interior. They can give structure to the space, visually enlarge or shrink it by lengthening and shortening the geometric lines in the interior. Despite its power to balance the colours of the interior, skirting boards are often an overlooked part of renovation. Skirting … Read more

Ceiling Renovation: The Most Practical Styles for Low Ceilings

The ceiling as the fifth wall of the house plays an important part in completing the style of the interior design. Most home owners pay a lot of effort to match the colours of the furniture and the walls, while neglecting the importance of a matching ceiling. Creating a stylistic ceiling in flats with a … Read more

How to Prevent and Fix Wallpaper Mishaps

Wallpaper is a widely used material in interior decoration. The multitude of style and colours, the ease of installation, as well as the luxurious atmosphere it can create, make the wallpaper an incomparable decorative item that paint cannot replace. But as the wallpaper ages, problems like cracking, discoloration and peeling occur. Nothing can withstand time … Read more

How to Choose Your Material: Artistic Wall Coating

Artistic wall coating, sometimes called decorative paint, is made of natural ingredients and has a wide range of colours. The difference in the paint’s material component affects the wall’s resulting texture. Smooth as silk or rough as rocks, from the artist painter’s technique blooms intricate patterns and an highly aesthetic atmosphere. Priced for its versatility … Read more

Should I Get Those Dreamy Frameless Windows?

Probably the best way to showcase a gorgeous view, installing frameless windows in your home is like hanging a seamless picture which changes according to the time of the day and year. Aesthetically, frameless windows score a 10/10. But they are not without drawbacks. Take a look at these points of consideration below.   Does … Read more